Posting of New Items
May, 2011
Recently, we have begun posting new Vintage Treasures once or twice a week, at 9:00 pm (US EDT).  Items are posted continuously, starting at 9:00 pm, usually in all (6) Vintage Treasures categories.
We post a slide show in advance, on the Main Boutique page, showing the items that will be available.  As always, if you see something in the slide show you're interested in, please contact us.  We can email you before an item is posted and/or do our best to post at your convenience. 
Since November 2008, we have posted new treasures EVERY night (including Sundays and holidays) .. and we decided it was time to take a breath!  We will post a wider assortment of items each time, so we hope this will appeal to our customers.

What's up with Broken Beauties?

Well, we are under construction.  In what shall now be know as "The Big Dig", Judy is finally getting a proper studio.  After an unfortunate accident involving Mosaic Maniac Mom, Cute Preschool Son, a bowl of cereal, and a flying piece of vintage rose china, I have self exhiled myself from working in my former studio (some people called it a kitchen, I called it a studio). I assure you that no physical damage was done to aforementioned preschool son, but it did make getting an appropriate place to work a priority.  So, by 2009, this large money sucking hole should be a beautiful functioning studio.  Until then, I will only be posting new pieces if I am able to wrangle a little space where I can do some small projects (away from the breakfast cereal and bare feet!). 

This picture was taken in December.  We have made progress.  Yippee!

Come on over and visit Judy's new blog!  You can find it by clicking here.  It's a great way to get filled in on what's going on with this busy mom, microbiologist, antiques dealer, and artist.


Stop by and visit Ronda's new blog!  You can find it here !  I'll be posting what's on the easel, what's on the hook, the misadventures of life in small town America in an even smaller house, and general fun and mayhem.  Pour yourself a fresh cup of hot tea and come visit!